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Local couple won't be having 'today' show wedding naples daily news In wednesday's final round of nbc's"Today"Show"Race to the altar,"The pair lost out to atlantans ladonna bradford and darnell sugg for a june 25 fantasy wedding in rockefeller plaza that will be paid for and organized by the network. A few hours before they left their last taping in new Pandora Dangles Charms york city to return to naples, cook and fahy, both 28, said they were both disappointed and relieved. "We didn't come out on top, but that's not really what it was about for us,"Said fahy, on speakerphone with his fiance. "It was something we could do together. " "We're disappointed, bummed, surprised,"Interjected cook. "But i was a little nervous to have the whole thing on tv that it would take away from(The experience). " For the past five weeks, they travelled to new york every tuesday and returned on wednesday to compete on live television for votes from viewers. Each week, a new element of the ceremony was chosen by the couple who won a challenge. Cook and fahy won the first competition to design a wedding dress and selected"East meets west"As the wedding's theme;In a later competition, they selected the gifts for guests digital cameras. The chance to pick her wedding dress and invite as many family and friends as they want is the silver lining of losing the race.The couple would have little say in their wedding had they won the competition. "Now we can have it at home, where family and friends can come that wouldn't have been able to,"Fahy said.Army in iraq, and cook was teaching in nashville.The met face to face for the first time two months later, and fahy proposed this winter on the beach near the naples pier. By making it into the finals, cook and fahy made it further than naplesfort myers couple cheapest price beth bethea and will mcdonough, who last august were eliminated in the first week of the"Today"Show competition. Cook and fahy plan to wait a year to marry, and will likely wed in the groom's home state of new york, or the bride's, in michigan, to make travel easier on guests. All is not lost, however.During the competition, the couple won a new car, which cook plans to use to get from their home in naples to her summer job as a nanny in estero. More important, cook said her father is still going to give me"My dream wedding. " "She's my daughter, i feel bad, but i'll make it right,"Said Melissa's father, allan cook. "I'm just an average joe, an electrician at a power plant.When(Melissa)Called this morning, i pulled over on the side of the road, and i said don't worry about it, nothing's going to change.Anything she and ryan want, i'll do it.I'll pay for it" Cook's parents rallied support in their hometown of port huron, mich., putting up fliers and encouraging people to vote. "Everyone voted here,"Said melissa's mother, sue cook. "Where i get my hair done, everyone. " She admits that the couple's loss is actually positive for her. "I'm from germany.I like it the old fashioned way,"Said sue cook. "I want to be the one to help(Melissa)Pick her dress and flowers, and see her come down the stars in that wedding gown.It's every mother's dream.I didn't tell them, but i hoped they(Wouldn't)Win.But we still voted for them. We still wanted them toWin because it's what they wanted. " Ultimately, free wedding or not, the ring is still on melissa cook's finger.She still said yes, and the wedding will go on just a little later than they hoped.




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